TamilNadu Psychology Association was Registered on 2nd December 2014 under the Tamil Nadu Societies Act 1975 Vide Reg. No: 121/2014. The objective of the association is to integrate various eminent Professors & Professionals in the field of psychology and provide a platform for an efficient co-ordination among psychologists and enable them to provide services to the society.


To provide effective mental health services to people. The association includes various experts from different sub-fields like:

I. Health Psychology.

II. Clinical Psychology.

III. Neuro Psychology.

IV. Biological Psychology.

V. Psycho-Oncology.

VI. Rehabilitation Psychology.

VII. Geriatric Psychology.

VIII. Trauma Psychology.

IX. Educational Psychology

X. Counseling Psychology

XI. Life Span Psychology.

XII. Social Psychology.

XIII. Community Psychology.

XIV. Organizational Psychology.

XV. Environmental Psychology.

XVI. Spots Psychology.

XVII. Criminal Psychology